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3 definitions by dancingdudesean

The best damn one act play ever to grace Nevada, or the entire world for that matter. It had everything, satan, sexism, and even Queen!
Sam: Was that slap absolutely necessary

Satan: No, I just wanted to touch you
by dancingdudesean April 12, 2005
7 6
Skitzo actress who used to have a show on network telivision but was chased to HBO with pitchforks.
D12 is the gangsta version of Tracy Ullman.
by dancingdudesean April 11, 2005
2 12
Tools of men, who must obey the "three C's": Cooking, Cleaning, and ck... hrm, childcare.
"I'm sorry I don't listen to poor people... or women, am I right guys, eh, eh" -Mr. Wellington
by dancingdudesean April 11, 2005
142 521