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The best damn one act play ever to grace Nevada, or the entire world for that matter. It had everything, satan, sexism, and even Queen!
Sam: Was that slap absolutely necessary

Satan: No, I just wanted to touch you
by dancingdudesean April 12, 2005
Skitzo actress who used to have a show on network telivision but was chased to HBO with pitchforks.
D12 is the gangsta version of Tracy Ullman.
by dancingdudesean April 11, 2005
Tools of men, who must obey the "three C's": Cooking, Cleaning, and ck... hrm, childcare.
"I'm sorry I don't listen to poor people... or women, am I right guys, eh, eh" -Mr. Wellington
by dancingdudesean April 11, 2005

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