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a relatively short ugly girl who has slut like tendencies. characterized by: 1) flirting with multiple men effectively leading them on, then choosing the one that she deems best looking, thus making her shallow 2) acting ditzy in order to appear naive and innocent 3) wearing clothes that she thinks look good on her, but in reality are waaay too small making her look super fat 4) tries to get what she wants by merely smiling, but if you try to have her actually do something, she fails miserably 5) an all around malicious person who tries to appear perfect
1-she is being such a morgan! look at all those guys around her!
2-wow is she naturally that stupid? no she's just a morgan
3- uhm does she like looking fat? don't make fun of her, she's acting like a morgan.
4-why can't she do the simplest activities?? she's been a morgan all her life
5-she's so sweet! how do people think she's bad? Oh she's a morgan
by dance team beauty destroys you August 14, 2010

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