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3 definitions by dana blu

- an *awesome* philly based band
- sound like pink floyd meeets radiohead meets disco biscuits
- www.brotherspast.com
"brothers past is the sickest band ever!"
by dana blu April 20, 2005
safety first:
1) loves to rage
2) tour is life
3) the brothers past mascot
4) slinging bunk yay on lot
5) trying to talk to all the ladies
"safety first brah!!!"
by dana blu April 18, 2005
1) ka-ma-la, a.k.a. k-bomb, the pooper
the most amazing loving best dog that ever was. a love junkie that loves slippin me the tongue.
2) the female in herman hesse's siddhartha
3) lotus flower; perfection
mommy loves you kamala, do whachu gotta do!
by dana blu April 20, 2005