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1947. the british left and created kashmir dispute that has led Pakistan and iNDIA into unfinished fights more than once. let me dilate upon those wars. 1947, Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinmnah, the founder of Pakistan ordered Gen Gracy, CnC Pakistan Army to invade Kashmir. Gracy refusing the ailing leader said he wouldnt fight fellow british leadership in Indian army. so instead, the pathan tribesmen went into battle and the indian army couldnt even fight an irregular force. imagine the havoc Pak Army would have caused on the indians. stalemate.
early 1965, runn of kutch. indian were routed. to avenge this and further pakistani advances into kashmir early september, india attacked pakistan predawn and were held in their tracks. a five times bigger armed force was taught a lesson in the air, on the ground to which US fighter ace Chuck Yeager testifies. indian generals had planned drinking in a Lahore club, they only ended up licking their wounds and had mr. shastri not run to the UN or russia begging to bring about a cease fire, pakistan counter attacks had well begun and Pakistanis were not stopping at khem karns or kargil. as they were, both sides returned land and soldiers.
1971-junior level pakistani military gave a hell of a fight while pakistani military leadership was drinking. results were not different than what happened to indian army in its 1962 border clash with the chinese army. indians were slaughtered while they were much better off in situation than the pakistani army in 1971.
1984-Indira Gandhi, while trying to secure her party into power decides to attack Pakistan. Gen ZiaulHaq warns her of serious consequences. she doesnt listen and pays for it with her life. her own sikh body guards ice her.
1987-Indian armed forces and political leadership chickened out on their 'secret plans' (pakistanis had made a mockery of indian secret plans by acquiring them well before the operation) to attack kashmir again while showing powerful movement in punjab. pakistanis counter maneuvered and indians lost nerve and deescalated. Ravi Rakhye, indian military analyst writes in the war that never was, Indians lost the war without firing a single shot. he writes about the 1948, 1965 and 1971 wars as stalemates but calls the 1987 war a total defeat for india.
1999 Kargil-this was a total ruin for the indians. over 1500 soldiers killed, 16 aircraft destroyed, 2 of them to pakistani missiles. crying indian soldiers was an ugly sight at those peaks. contrary to popular belief that Pakistanis were popped off those peaks and nawaz shareef had asked US to arrange for honorable withdrawl, it was indians who had gone up to Bill Clinton tp ask him to pressure pakistan to withdraw and have mercy. indians were shocked and confused and in covering their incompetence, did remarkably stupid thinbgs. on one instance they awarded a dead soldier with the highest indian gallantry medal. except that the dead was found alive in a local hospital and there was no gallantry to him,.robust pakistani military had prevented indians from even the thought of crossing LoC. finally, Nawaz shareef got his men down. and now indians dont let up on the propaganda of victory. what a victory. yea right.
2002-a fake attack like many fake stuff in india, on indian parliament in similar stupid manner as the september 11, 2001 WTC circus. next came massive indian land air and sea deployment...what next, not a thing. pakistanis had prepared to enter a full scale war, capture kashmir and make sure this was no stalemate. US and Russian satellite gave India a bad picture. 700,000 Pakistani Armed forces personnel deployed in attack formation, 7 million tribals from Pakistan's Pathan province had braced for the fight. now who wants to fight a nation. americans and russians were routed when they tried fighting nations. indians would have been annihilated in face of this overwhelming response, they faced their own wreck, better nuclear and missile power and superior men in zeal. so what next..."lout kay budhoo ghar ko aye" (the idiot returned home empty handed). indians withdrew their forces from their own borders and decided to behave the next time. unfortunately, kargil haunts them still and thus all these lames excuses and lying books about Indian victories and Pakistani defeats. have fun.
pakistani military victories have been lied about. matter of fact except for the 1987 war that never was, no Pakistanb Indian war has ever been anything victory. yes, battles were won and lost. here is the big picture of the whole thing called Pakistan India.
by dan snyder August 30, 2006

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