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best rapper ever and we will never forget what he did for us God bless him
eazy e is da shiot
by dan re man June 29, 2003
probably the best band ever all the people who said they didn't like them above this def. or any to come below it don't know what music really is and they are preppy 12 year old girls and boys who listen to nelly who wears a band aid on his face all of the time.
i love the beatles i love the beatles GodBless John and George you live on!
by dan re man July 18, 2003
a great band and just by himself was good he was violent garage rock n roll
alice cooper is cool
by dan re man July 13, 2003
the best fucking shit movie ever made in the history or man kind goodness i love this movie
mall rats is on
by dan re man July 09, 2003
my favorite band the best ever i love them god bless kurt cobain
i listen to nirvana all the time
by dan re man August 04, 2003
AN AWSOME BAND from late 80s to early 90s the lead singer kurt cobain blew him face away though
nirvana is awsome!!! Godbless Kurt Cobain
by dan re man July 14, 2003
a type of music that is somewhat dirty and garage like alice cooper but the best grunge band ever was nirvana
oh man nirvana was great
by dan re man July 14, 2003
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