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3 definitions by dan lourie

A Swiss Bank Account is a very special bank account indeed. It is for those who have a very large sum of money. The family usually leaves the money in their bank account in Swizterland and moves to America where they open a new account (ex. Wachovia). The money increases overtime in Swizterland making that family even richer.
My friend Sam told me that he dosn't have a lot of money in his bank account here in American, but he has a large sum in is "Swiss Bank Account".
by dan lourie June 27, 2006
53 16
Cheap Seats are seats in which your parents,grandparents,uncle, and so on buy when they cant afford the good seats. They are usually high up and might be reffered to as the "nosebleed section"
When my dad took me to my first Yankee game he bought us seats that were very high up. They were very cheap so I guess they were what you could call "cheap seats"
by dan lourie June 26, 2006
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A pitcher on the Philadelphia Phillies who likes to beat up his wife.
When Brett Myers gets mad he takes it out on his wife.
by dan lourie June 25, 2006
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