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it's a combination of rediculous and retarded. it is used to describe an awesome, unlikely event or time. also is a derivitive of ridicultardation.
this chick justed washed my car then blew me, it was ridiculatarded
by dan Grzebein Jr October 03, 2005
a.k.a. pete the meat fay. or any guy whose sperm is so strong it can permeate any known contraceptive device!!
you wore a rubber and she was on the pill and you still knocked her up!! you friggin inseminator
by Dan Grzebein Jr October 05, 2005
in the at of becoming ridiculatarded. In the moment of a time, event, or situation that is awesome and unlikely aswell.
it's ridiculatardation that i am getting a blow job from some chick who i s wahing my ass at the same time.
by dan Grzebein Jr October 03, 2005
another word for people of lower intelligence who upon repeat performances still make the same mistakes! also known as re-re's, retards, and stupid motherfuckers!! also one who has had their head in a bong for too long and become a yom-yom!
yo if craig keeps drooling on himself and putting the round peg in the square hole he is such a yom-yom!
by Dan Grzebein Jr October 05, 2005
people of under average intelligence!! also called retards, re-re's, and window lickers!
no you friggin yom-yom. thats paste not cookie dough!!! or you group of yom-yoms don't eat sand it's for castle building not, not show and tell!!
by Dan Grzebein Jr October 04, 2005
a wrestling maneuver in which once a man is on the mat his opponent shits on his chest the does an ass dive on the pile to send it every where!
yo Dazzling Danny Devious just gave Tomestone a Splash Down from Down Town, Man i think i just caught a chunk in my eye!! eeeewwwwwwwww!!
by Dan Grzebein Jr October 05, 2005
A sexual maneuver where when having doggie style sex with a girl just before you cum you grab her by the ass and push with all your might knocking her head into the head board and making her unconsious, the you bust your nut on her passed out face!
i was with this c-donkey last night and Rhode Island Rammed her stupid ass!
by Dan Grzebein Jr October 05, 2005
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