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To excercise the vaginal muscles, much like Kegal excercises, in order to de-loosify the yeast pouch.
After two months of grueling Vaginercises, Kelli's pussy was as tight as a butthole.
by Dan Jewell March 24, 2005
the act of sticking ones finger up an unsuspecting butthole
While re-tying her shoes, Kaela was pleasently surprised by a pork squid served sunny side up.
by Dan Jewell October 13, 2003
To make something feel tighter, such as a vagina, screws, orange juice lids and vaginas.
1. Slim Bavis made the big switch to Tropicana from Minute Maid Orange Juice, because he was unable to de-loosify the lid.

2. Dan Jewell's large member has pulverized many vaginas, causing them to resort to Vaginercises which in turn will de-loosify that nappy dugout.
by Dan Jewell March 24, 2005
A large pickle, approximately seventeen to twenty-two inches in length
Wow, that's the largest scianna I've ever seen, do you have more where that came from.
by Dan Jewell October 04, 2003
A virtual farm on the internet. E-Corn, E-Squash, E-Cabbage, E-Lettuce, E-Corn, and E-Tomatoes are readily produced here.
Tired of frequenting the local grocery store, Dan Scianna decided the time was right to make the big switch to E-Farms, where he could purchase E-Corn, E-Squash, E-Cabbage, E-Lettuce, E-Corn, and E-Tomatoes.
by Dan Jewell March 19, 2005
The act of sticking a digit into your female partners anus, while engaging in intercourse, in order to gauge that womans boundries or limitations concerning further action, up the old dirt road.
Clint: "Yo Dan, why you got a black eye man?"
Dan: "Yo, Michel socked me in the eye-face after I gave her a Rectal Thremometer. I guess I won't find out how pink her sock is."
Clint: "Awe fo' real doh?"
Dan: "Naw, billdo."
by Dan Jewell February 24, 2005
When a female partner has clammy or "sweat soaked hands" and gives you a hand job.
After Michel reached into Dan's pants, Dan looked Michel dead in the eye and said, "Yo, wash your hands first, I didn't think you were going to clam the johnny."
by Dan Jewell March 30, 2005
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