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A black R&B singer and dancer from Florida, Miami, famous with his pretty catchy single 'Whatcha Say'. Looks like the next Chris Brown.
Josh: Hey how's your date with that hottie?
Mike: Mmmm whatcha say?
Josh: I said how's your date with that hottie?
Mike: Mmm that you only meant well?
Josh: Say what?
Mike: Well of course you did. Mmmm whatcha say, (whatcha say). Wha- wha- wha- wha- what did she say.
Josh: Man, you're so Jason Derulo!
by damsel.cosmic March 17, 2010
One of good ways, precisely it's a drawing; to make somebody famous to look utterly ugly and idiot, even though they are so pretty or handsome in the real life.
Person1: Hey, what you're drawing?
Person2: Can't you see it? It's a caricature.
Person1: Hmmm, that's ugly. I cannot recognize who it is.
Person2: Well that means my caricature is good.
Person1: Who do you mean to draw tho?
Person2: Miley Cyrus.
Person1: Yea, she and this pic both look ugly.
Person2: :)
by damsel.cosmic May 05, 2010

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