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2 definitions by damondolla

A form fitting pair of jeans that woman over 40 wear to show off their shape when they go out on the prowl
Cougar 1: Now that your divorce is final you should go to this club with me to get back in the dating game.
Cougar 2: Yeah, but I was married for so long that I don't have anything to wear.

Cougar 1: We are both the same size, I have these great pair of Cougar Bottom Jeans you can wear. When I wear them the young guys can't keep their hands off me.
Cougar 2: Well then go get them and I will try to get a baby sitter.
by damondolla February 22, 2010
When you argue, send threatening remarks, or talk about someone through your facebook page.
These hoes on facebook get on my nerves. They don't know I am not afraid to get into a face fight with them.
by damondolla February 22, 2010