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acky is an adjective to describe someone or something with ack-like qualities or an association with ack. (see ack, meaning poo). similar meaning to gross.
that guy who works at the hardware store is an acky grub.

has anyone seen my acky slacks?
by damon goss October 05, 2011
a homosexual vampire. (also friends with the queerwolf and yankenstein)
watch out for gayracula!

gayracula:" I vant to suck your cum!"
by damon goss October 05, 2011
Ack is a word to describe excrement or poo. It can also be used an adjective to describe something with poo-like associations- see Acky.
Where's the toilet? I need to do an ack.
I wouldn't go in there, someone just did an ack.
by damon goss October 05, 2011
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