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2 definitions by damoj777

A guy that is super sexy and really hard to get. He's a major bad boy and doesnt care about shit. He loves music! He is good at everything just doesnt put himself to the challenge. He loves hanging with friends and has a cute lisp :) You get nervous around him.
chick 1: "Omg have you seen "mcculough"?
chick 2: "yess he's so cute, but I'm nervous to say hi"
chick 1: "Yes me too!"
by damoj777 September 21, 2011
Best friend you could ever have! Will always be there for you no matter what. He'll make you go insane sometimes but in the end you laugh at it. Coolest, nicest, funny person ever.
Girl one: Did you talk to Tj?
Girl two: Who's Tj?
Girl one: the greatest friend in the world, but seriously go talk to him.
by damoj777 January 07, 2012