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A phrase to describe the vast number of names for the key part of the female anatomy coined by both men and women. Television shows like Oprah and Sex in the City seem to have given rise to terms such as:

Cha Cha
Honey pot
Hoo ha
Bits and pieces
Yum yum
Lady business
Na na
Cho cho

Treasure Chest
Whenever men or women are uncomfortable with the conversation or the topic in general, they typically resort to using a vaginal colloquialism to describe the parts in question.

"Baby I am needing you in a bad way, any chance I can get a brief visit with the honey pot this morning."

"No honey pot for you honey, my vajajay is in lockdown this morning"
by damndiver January 21, 2010
The actual size clothing a person should be wearing. known as the denial size because you actually wear a size smaller.
Baby those shorts look great, are they your new skinny shorts?

Yes, a size smaller than I was wearing before, but really two sizes down from my denial size.
by damndiver August 13, 2009
Guidance given by a person to another in an effort to help the circumvent the law or simply what is right.
After telling Steve that his mom had advised him to just "have someone else sell the stuff for you so her lawyer doesn't know", Steve told Nick. "Dude, you mom just gave you outlaw advice."
by damndiver July 27, 2009
Simply put- What must be done in a situation where things are SNAFU, FUBAR or TARFU
I am so screwed here, I need to unfuckify it.
by damndiver June 28, 2009

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