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A neighborhood in Seattle, WA, mistakenly believing they are an independent state. Filled with pseudo-hippy artists and snobby artophiles. Also location to Fremont Festival, an annual summer solstice event known for its naked bicycle riders.
That guy who makes sculptures out of used meat? He's from the Republic of Fremont.
by damissy April 16, 2005
First definition: One who's reservation is not held.

Second definition: Hopeless victim, who, after driving a creaky, smoke-filled vehicle with dome lights out and mysterious engine clanks, cannot contact anyone at the rental car office but an uneducated twit who couldn't make it as a used car salesman.
That guy standing by the broken down Escort? Yeah, he's one of our Rental Car Customers.
by damissy April 16, 2005
A penis in renal failure.
He's not long to live ... just look at that renis!
by damissy April 16, 2005
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