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3 definitions by damian s

A cow that is determined not to have kids(he uses protection, he is a horny little bastard and if u get in his way he will get in your pants...

Alson know ass: Cow Heftner
naked comw on a farm usauly likes it in the buttttttt

i want a playacow for an easter present
by damian s October 18, 2007
a smelly, hairy animal. Ugly people believe we evolved off them because the are mad couse they look like a monkey!
A baboon, the red assed monkeys that suck there thumb
by damian s October 18, 2007
natures speed bump!god gave us somthing to have fun with.............
lets hit that manatee and cetch some air!!! woo hoo
by damian s October 21, 2007