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Term use to describe or refer to a select group of latin- american individuals who have been granted and radiate intelligence, wisdom,grace, and physical beauty; yet for some reason we've misused those virtues in order to make illigal profits and/or obtain personal satisfaction. Still Colombians are truly magnificent and envy around the world
Check out that guy/girl, mannn he/she must be Colombian just look how handsome/beautiful he/she is! I wish I were Colombian!.

someguyt:So who won the beauty contest/ Nobel award ?

someOtherGuy: A Colombian, once again! I'm tired of them being perfect at everything!
by dametufuerzapegaso December 17, 2009
Colombian slang use to refer to ugly or unpleasant girls
huy no mano esa vieja es severo bagre bacalao gurre
by dametufuerzapegaso December 17, 2009
This slang, commonly use in the the coastal regions of Colombia( more specific Cartagena, Santa Marta, Barranquilla and a few more) literally translates "condon blower"; it is use to insult gay people or people who act, behave, or pretend to be gay
deja la maricada soplacondones soplacondón
by dametufuerzapegaso December 17, 2009
Slang term created and use in Colombia(Bogotá) to misjudge poor or dangerous people. In some cases, this term is also use to describe a person who lacks manners and a good educational background
huy severo ñampiro mi niño. Pilas que viene un ñampiro
by dametufuerzapegaso December 17, 2009
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