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2 definitions by damema

The conviction that your life is worth more than the lives of others. It often leads to indirect murder through organ reception.
People with life greed are happy to get fresh organs almost immediately in countries where there is non-consentual organ removal from the powerless - the poor, minority groups and political prisoners.
by damema August 16, 2006
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Trauma that is delivered vicariously by the media (TV, film, books, newspapers, the Net,etc) and leaves the world in a constant state of shock, which leads to a tendency towards illness and a lot of over-eating. As we do not experience events dirctly, it is devilishly hard to expunge the horror.
We've all experienced the vicarious trauma of the Tsunami, of war, of tragedies depicted vividly by reporters.
by damema August 16, 2006
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