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The krunkest, most off da chain state in the USA. ALL you hoes that don't like TEXAS can kiss ass and go to hell with gasoline panties on cuz ya'll don't know what the fuck ya talkin' 'bout. Texas provides for all of the rest of you poor insufficient losers. ya'll ought to be thankful for a great state like us that does so much for every body else in this stinkin' country. Texas is where every thing krunk happens. The Kappa, Hoop it up, WE GOT SIX FLAGS!! (over Texas) And besides that everything is always bigger in Texas and bigger is always better.
by dallas chick 2004 March 09, 2004
A girl that is entirely too young for the guy she's tryna holla at. She usually lies about how old she is. say for instance she's 15, she'll say she's 18 or 19.
say nigga look at Chris' lil' sista, she fine as hell aint she? yeah nigga but she only 14, oops JAIL BAIT.
by dallas chick 2004 March 09, 2004
to make a come back after falling off of your empire. to just get back in the game (rap game, dope game, whateva)
Juvenile's song. I'm bout to bounce back. Nigga i fell off for a second but i'm straight cuz i done bounced back
by DALLAS CHICK 2004 March 10, 2004
a shirt that girlz boyz youth and any body else can floss on any occassion

song by dem franchize boys
Man what u wearin 2 da club tonite? Nigga i was thinkin but wearin my throwback.
Fuck that nigga im gone floss my white tee.
by dallas chick 2004 September 08, 2004
Being friendly and talkin to someone taht you know doesn't like you
Damn that hoe friendly bobbin since none of her click came to school today
by dallas chick 2004 September 08, 2004
A person whose daddy is black and their mama is mexican or vice versa. either way around the girls have nice hair and the niggas are fine as hell
hey dirty, you see that blackxican over therre? he sexy.
by dallas chick 2004 March 09, 2004
smilin' in somebody face when you just got done talkin about them behind their back or you know they dont like you
say fool you see how that hoe kool-aidin' in my fuckin face? she know damn well i dont like her ugly ass
by dallas chick 2004 September 08, 2004

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