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The epitome of cool. To be used with extreme prejudice to describe items too awesome to be calledBaddass,Sweet, or the ducks nuts
Wow, this vibrator is the cats meow!
by dale cooper March 02, 2005
It stands for Cold Weather Indicator, a chick's nipples, because they get hard and stick out.
Jeez, it must be freezing outside, did you see that CWIs on that girl?
by Dale Cooper February 21, 2004
Used to describe a moonless, starless night, or an object that seems to negate the very light surrounding it.
1. Little suzy...be a dear and fetch mommy's flashlight...its darker than toby's nuts out here!
by dale cooper March 02, 2005
Used to describe something wet and slippery.
Be careful little johny...that pool deck is slicker than a fags ass!
by dale cooper March 02, 2005
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