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Germantown Academy, better known as GA by other private school students in the greater Philadelphia area, or the Academy by students attending GA, is a Pre-K through 12 preparatory school. GA tries to be like the other private schools while maintaining its own individuality. Basicaly GA epicly fails at both. Recently GA has instituted a new dress code policy called GA GeAr which requires students to wear ugly polo shirts from lands end. Girls choose to pair their ugly polos with slutty skirts which undermine the entire dress code, while guys wear cargo shorts. GA students really enjoy being promiscuous and binge drinking. In the past few years GA has had many incidents with students getting alcohol poisoning at school events. GA students also enjoy smoking weed and occasionally engage in cocaine. GA students also enjoy cheating. Despite an honor code many students copy answers from each other during poorly monitored tests. Cheating is necessary because lots of students at GA aren't actually smart, they're just either rich or very athletic. Some students are actually smart but feel pressure to receive perfect grades in order to attend ivy league colleges and so they also engage in cheating. Students at GA are often very close with their teachers which can result in interesting classes, but also in can result in awkward situations as students and teachers have been known to have sexual feelings towards each other. One gym teacher goes as far as to engage in sexual relations with students once they have graduated. This is because students at GA are usually very good looking and never fat.
"I'm not actually very preppy or smart but I'll pretend to be both while I drink my cheap beer and plan how I will a) play in the next game or b) cheat on my next test because that's how we do at Germantown Academy"
by daisydaisy55 July 29, 2009

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