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4 definitions by dailybragger

When two drunk people give each other a "fist bump." A drunk gesture after two people agree on something or think something is cool.
After drinking a 12 pack of Michelob Ultra, Tom made a funny joke and gave Mindy a piss fump. When the cast of Jersey Shore get wasted they all want to piss fump.
by dailybragger January 02, 2012
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Websites and news media outlets that constantly use Twitter to find sources and stories for news. People who take pictures of celebrities and post them on Twitter.
When Soulja Boy showed that he was a man by posting the size of his junk on Twitter, the twitterrazzi was all over it.
by dailybragger September 04, 2009
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Someone with a big head and a little body.
Hey Jay, check out that A Jibby! Wow Alexa, the head on that person's little body is about the size of a large planet.
by dailybragger June 26, 2014
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Z-lister is a term for when you edited your phones contact information by putting a letter Z in front of their name on an individual you break up with or have a bad date with someone. Putting a letter Z puts the contact at the bottom of your contacts.
Bob broke up with Tina and now she is a z-Lister. Hey Tom, Mike wants to know if you want to date one of his z-Listers.
by dailybragger June 21, 2014
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