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4 definitions by daikenn

extraordinary beliefs for which it is felt there is insufficient extraordinary evidence, and people who hold those beliefs.
The date was going fine, then she started to talk about taking her cat to her Pet Psychic for an aura adjustment. Just a bit woo woo for me.
by Daikenn February 03, 2007
A mocking name for Santa Fe, NM, due to the variety and amount of woo woo practitioners & seekers.
We here in Albuquerque call it Fanta Se.
by Daikenn February 03, 2007
A nickname for London. According to my friend, a life-long resident and of Hindu origins, it is from the Hindi for 'overseas' - 'vilaiyat'.
Gotta nip back to Ol' Blighty to see me Mum for her birthday.
by daikenn March 12, 2008
(It's a) Small Fucking World
I know one person in SAF, she's a back cracker. What?!? She was your chiropractor when you lived there? SFW!
by daikenn February 09, 2007