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2 definitions by daigong

A website/forum/experience dedicated to the pervertedness and silliness that is Japanese Pop Culture. Throw out the kawaii, bring in the ecchi. The Land of The Dropping Pants provides the member aka HiPster a chance to indulge in fantasies of Rika Ishikawa's ass and Goto Maki's beautiful voice. Combine with channels for porn, hentai, sports, tv, movies, wacky news - one is quickly embraced in the internet's tightest community. Online and IRL.

With constant news. chatroom. radio. image board. and so much more. Da HiP will keep you popping.

synonym: JPH!P
Question: Where did you find the latest news on Rika Ishikawa's ass? Answer: JPHiP

It's a cru of pervs! husslas! pimps! crackheads! hotties! It must be HiP Nation!
by daigong July 13, 2006
The heart and soul of Hello! Project. A Japanese idol/singer with an enormous ass.
Oh my Rika.

Rika Ishikawa Viyuden Experience is like going through the ultimate high.
by daigong July 13, 2006