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is the most insultive way to describe the chinese race ethnic group as a whole in a city. it's cool they mafia boyz. wondreing that that sounds like asian boyz and them Jackson street mafia boyz. think they got something going on together? gyeah. menace to socitites. props to south side killas Jackson street boyzs. westerly ching the gap tooths, way ward ChIng the south pole =you know who got the clothing going- mabey the rest of the 400 Dub W C will come to me and have a big i mean huge gangster gathering party to recieve me sometimeup here in the spot they call sf Chinatown h.q.
check the webs net and see all the info they have on the spelling and grouping in the gangs. The wah ching Gang can be found in new york at times.
by dai satoma Hung July 05, 2006

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