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60 definitions by dagrolord

weltanschlauung  velt-ahn-shlou-oong


The penis's often extravagantly articulated comprehensive view or image of the universe as little more than a stage for acquisition of vaginal vector.
If arguably a bit cock-eyed, my teenage weltanschlauung often had me comfortably ensconced in nubile trim.
by Dagrolord February 16, 2010
241 39
A virtual tsunami of punanny.
Dude, my brother's in a band. Backstage after every gig they're hit by like a total psunami of delectable young snatch.
by Dagrolord November 20, 2010
204 14
A White American who seems intent upon single-handedly making reparations for every wrong Black Americans have suffered at the hands of the White Man. The keynote characteristic of the mudscuttle is that he will reflexively ascribe nobility of character to Black folk. The mudscuttle imagines his behavior indicative of enlightened sophistication, when the behavior is instead a sinister form of prejudice in which bigotry has been replaced with intransigent advocacy. A mudscuttle boss will brazenly assign choice assignments to Blacks and turn a deaf ear to the most rational requests from Whites for parity in the workplace. It is typical of the mudscuttle to express nauseating levels of adoration for famous Black people, wildly disproportionate to actual accomplishment.
I'll never get promoted! My mudscuttle boss gave the last three promotions to Shaniqua, DeMontross and M'Kell!
by Dagrolord July 20, 2011
187 10
Indisputably. Without question. On the same continuum as 'is the Pope Catholic?', 'does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?', and 'does a one-legged duck swim in circles?' 'Does the Pope wear pimp shoes?!' sources from the cardinal red Gucci and Prada 'pimp' shoes the Pope sports in public- in other words, total pimp fashion in a pontiff.
Joshua:"Would you like to sleep with Emily?"

Jeremy:"Does the Pope wear pimp shoes?! Of course I want to sleep with Emily, retard. Emily's a totally hot pumpkin smuggler!"
by Dagrolord August 24, 2011
200 25
Used contemptuously. Discredited and/or disgruntled eBay sellers generating artificial traffic spikes for Overstock.com as they return to the site again and again in vain hope of a sold listing.
"Hey John, we haven't seen you posting much in the PowerSeller forums since you became an OverLord."
by dagrolord February 27, 2005
250 82
The opposite of euphemism- an unfortunate or unpleasant term used where a much nicer one would easily work. Also- dysphemism.
Ever notice how Clark is prone to disphemism? He calls Clarice 'fat' when 'curvy' would work or how Clark calls Jason a dwarf even though 'short' would be more accurate.
by Dagrolord October 08, 2005
188 23
Ratjacket is a reputation or 'jacket' for snitching. Once acquired, a ratjacket is typically permanent. In the office and other environments where people become well-known to each other, the ratjacket is a form of social leprosy and can lead to ostracization and worse.
Emma noticed a chilly social thermostat at the office. To her horror, Emma realized she had a ratjacket after singing to management about Jenny and Heather's time-card collusion.
by Dagrolord September 17, 2011
184 27