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2 definitions by daget24

A very fast race motorcross bike made by Honda. very good low end power with nice top end as well. The bike is red in color with a black seat, liquid cooled engine, a foot of suspension (front and rear), and a 2 gallon gas tank. The bike pretty much wheelies on command and the engian tops out at 13,200 RPMs (2006 modle), the 2006 and 2007 modles also feature a dual exsaust sytem stock with the bike.
Dude i wnet dirt biking in my back yard on my CRF250R last night.
I placed first in my class yesterday on my CRF250R.
by daget24 April 24, 2007
The word dildo spelled backwards, can be used to confuse certian people.
Chris: Hey jenny do you want an odlid for christmas?
Jenny: What the hell is that?
Chris: just yes or no, do you want an odlid for christmas?
Jenny: Ok yes I want an odlid for christmas.

by daget24 June 07, 2007