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a women that has had a yeast infection rescently or has just got very bad hygeine.
The slush pit is the slimy cottage cheese like substance sometimes found in a womens vagina, a slush pit exceeds the normal amount and can smell like three week old after birth mixed with burnt piss and cider.
A slush pit can harbour many other diseases such as mouth aids, regular aids, genital warts etc......
Friend:" now then mate how did the fuck sesh go with that hotty from ibiza?"

Man: " not to good mate, got her round to mine took off her clothes and pants to find a slush pit, the smell made me gag!"

Friend: " so did you not get any action then?"

Man: " No i still fucked her, it was just messy and my tongue is hairy and my mouth wont stop watering also iv got a load of large lumps all over my penis"

Friend: " sounds like youve caught mouth aids and warts mate"

Man: " Fuck!!"
by daddy im bo'vad August 24, 2011
a person who is really creepy to women or vice versa, a real slease ball.
The word lurgo has come from the word lergy which is a cold or a germ, some sort of cold virus that people try and avoid.
" i wish that guy would just fuck off hes a proper lurgo "
"Man this lass wont leave me alone!! fucking lurgo bitch"
by daddy im bo'vad August 24, 2011

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