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1. The act of consuming psychoactive substances by the method of smoking (Marijuana, Crack, Opium, Methamphetamine, DMT, PCP, Nicotine, etc).

2. Referring to soft drugs in a way that they aquire the negative aspects of other drugs, notably substances with detrimental physical or mental properties.
1. Smoking is one of the most common ways of using using drugs.

Billy-"Do you mean marijuana?"
Billy-"Not exactly, while certain hard drugs can have you physically and mentally addicted, marijuana and other soft drugs have a very low abuse potential"
Billy-"...ignorant bitch"
by da_infamous_cole May 31, 2008
Reliable drug dealer with desirable product.
My new hook on the west side serves molly, boomers, tabs and fire nuggets for cheap.
by da_infamous_cole April 26, 2009

More serious form of "fuck" used in the context of negative, or positive, events.
Fuckkk! I crashed my car!

Fuckkk, he left me for my sister?!?!

Fuckkk, my kid has cerebral palsy?!

Fuckkk, that ass is big homie, check it out!
by da_infamous_cole August 18, 2009
That dank ass hit of sweet sweet herb leaving some resin on your teeth.
I milked that grav bong so hard I got shit tooth. Now where's mah snacks!?!
by da_infamous_cole July 10, 2008
sick photo of real og gangstas or sluts posing in front of mommy's mirror with the point n shoot.

hopefully you got some of the parents bathrooms art going on in the photo, ive personally seen sunflower portraits and scented lotion racks to name a but a couple.

this type of photo is fucking retarded overall and i dont know why people do it cuz it looks so goddamn bad.
kelly took a nice bathroom shot and forgot to crop out the dildo in background, it was awesome

dont put that shit on facebook
by da_infamous_cole December 11, 2010
Gravity bong-method of consuming cannabis as preferred by the gods. materials for construction are less than $5. bucket or waterfall, your choice.

Warning may cause these reactions:
1. Laughing at the pattern on the couch
2. Eating all the food in your house-then robbing your neighbors house for more.
3. The "beer taxi" recreates itself into the "bud taxi"
4. Seeing air
5. Heartbeat now comes from your head. WTF!?!!
6. Forgetting how to talk
7. Passing out from pure intoxication-yes it's that strong
If you're a smart smoker and want to get the most out of your stash-the gbong is for you.
by da_infamous_cole July 10, 2008

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