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44 definitions by da trick biatch

a person who smokes all the time.
geez, that dude is a smokester! look at his car windows, they are yellow with nicotine. he is disgusting and always smells like an ashtray.
by da trick biatch December 22, 2005
264 48
suck my dick. usually bellowed by a drunken football player while swinging from a rope swing at the swimming hole.
"suck me doogan", david bellowed.
everyone else laughs, then drinks more beer.
by da trick biatch November 29, 2005
231 15
someone who doesn't give a shit! they will shit LOUDLY in a public restroom, without worrying about who might hear them! the shitting is accompanied by loud farting, grunting and plops.they often don't flush, either,so everyone can enjoy the fruits of their labor.
did you hear that shameless shitter in the restroom? omg! that was NASTY!!!!! i hope they at least flushed!
by da trick biatch March 02, 2006
246 31
the thirty minutes before nightfall, or the thirty minutes after night falls.basically the 1 hour time frame as it becomes dark.
i told david the party starts at dark-thirty.
by da trick biatch December 20, 2005
230 17
canadian people (like on south park, they have flip top heads)
i was arguing with a bunch of flippers on the wall.
by da trick biatch December 21, 2005
321 108
my badass 12 guage Mossberg shotgun. its all black with pistol grips.called by some a redneck machine gun.
i broke out my persuader on that fuckin' thief!
by da trick biatch November 28, 2005
236 25
a test-tube baby, or a publicity stunt. no way was she conceived naturally, because her dad, tom cruise is a fag! COME OUT OF THE CLOSET, TOM CRUISE!!!!
suri was made in a test tube.
by da trick biatch April 23, 2006
261 53