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a form of degenerate idiot who pulls into a parallel parking spot front end first, in drive.
Jim: Holy shit, I see a spot!

Mike: Are you going to pull in front end first??

Jim: Yeah man, we are LATE for Steak Night™!

Mike: You, sir, are a suburban parking asshat.
by da ali g August 01, 2006
A man, or woman, who ruthlessly hijacks or liberates an idea from a well-heeled, intelligent veteran professional. Jackals will liberate ideas moments after you have announced the idea, and somehow spin it to make it look like it was their's.
Mike: I think we should take information a few times a week and have people present their findings at our daily meeting.

Jim: Or, what we could do is at our daily meeting, have people present findings on information pertinent to our business.

Mike: Don't be such a fucking corporate jackal

Jim: Bye now.
by da ali g August 02, 2006
to marry a bitch-ass female attorney, esquire or barister.

usually accompanied by the loss of your money and balls.
Hey, Mike, I just met a hot-ass smarty pants from Northwestern Law School.

Don't go and pull a tremmel, the bitch will OWN you within 2-3 years.
by da ali g July 31, 2006
1.) to attack timid, kind people when they are only trying to help others, either in the office or out

2.) To react in a ferocious, Dago-Tornado fashion when situations aren't running smoothly
Liz: Mike, what the hell is wrong with you, we need to get back to the office, NOW!

Mike: Don't Pull a Gigi, Liz, I was just trying to give a nickel to the poor, homeless wheelchair-bound kid so he can eat...

Liz: Fuck that kid, we've got work to do.
by da ali g August 09, 2006
teh big ass blue vein in my Johnson
Dude, my power vein is ginormous
by da ali g July 31, 2006
While plugging smoe snapper on the beach, the art of yanking the meat flute out, shoving it into the sand, and going right back in the baby chute.
Mike: Hey, i went out with Courtney last night and we hit North Avenue Beach.

Jed: Did you do the shake and bake on her?

Mike: Damn straight kid, there was sand all up in her snatch and she was pissed!
by da ali g July 28, 2006

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