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The people who constantly bombard you with stupid questions such as "What time do you call this?"; "Where have you been?; "Who was there?"; "How much have you been drinking?".

They can only see a small toned-down part of your life as they proceed to stop you doing anything which gives you even the slightest pleasure.

Those who enforce "House Rules" which apply only to me as they do whatever the fuck they want.
My parents ruined my life.
When 3 am becomes late you must be a parent.
by Da Zeg February 28, 2005
A neverending puzzle game made originally for sega's 16bit arcade hardware and ported to the Megadrive.

Was later ported to the 8bit Master System but the less said about that the better.

Often wrongly referred to as a "tetris clone" as the gameplay is completley different - colored gems must be aligned together to destroy them and prevent them filling the screen. Columns pwns Tetris' ass all night long

This was where the fun began, Without the arcade's timing system constantly badgering you for money you are free to start a game of colums and forfeit the rest of the day. The haunting music in your dreams for eternity.

Eventually as the game speeds up the gems can be slowed by "dropping" them, but by this stage you aint blinked in an hour and the game seems to be playing itself any way.

More adictive than crack; A truly great game.

Is basically a metaphor for life, but I aint got time to explain

A universal excuse for not doing something.
I got home from school and started a game of columns, next thing I knew, my alarm clock was going off.

Teacher: Where's your homework??
Student: Well... You see I was gonna do it but I started a game of columns
Teacher: OK, have it as soon as you can, you should go home and get some sleep, you look terrible.
by Da Zeg March 27, 2005
Ned slang for the jakey stigmatised beverage Buckfast. A "tonic wine" only ever drank by Neds who think it makes them solid or more mature alcoholics who cannot afford real booze
Haw you ya bass gie me buccy or ah'l knock fuck oot ae yae
by Da Zeg January 08, 2005
A homemade beverage with a possibly life threatning dosage of caffine.

Named so because on first testing the plucky subject's heart rate was clocked at 376 BPM

Consists of a Can of Coca Cola or pepsi
(not diet, we need the sugar rush as well)Poured onto 10 spoonfulls of instant coffee in a pint sized glass (due to excessive foam)
Stirred and drunk in a oner.

Has been known to cure hangovers.

Absolutly no use as a study aid as you will have a concentration span of .2s
376 will wake you up...but when you come down...
by Da Zeg January 10, 2005
Lets Go Kick Some Ass,

Normally used in online gaming to rally team-mates at the start of a round or assault.
Da_Zeg: Right guys, straight down the middle AGB

Necromancer: Sure thing LGKSA
by Da Zeg April 06, 2005
ad.Severley intoxicated
n. Peesh:- Alcoholic Beverage(s)
v. To Peesh :- Act of getting Peeshed

On the Peesh -> Getting drunk
He was well peeshed
Ah went tae the Affy and goat ma peesh
You peeshing tonight?

We're on the Peesh
by Da Zeg January 10, 2005
The thick phlegm coughed up by a non smoker who cadged a few cigarettes from a smoking friend the night before while under the influence of alcohol
I must have been so wasted last night, had a three fag omlette for breakfast this morning
by Da Zeg January 08, 2005
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