44 definitions by da trick biatch

John Travolta's character in Pulp Fiction. he's a kick ass hit man/druggie. gotta love him!
i can't believe Vincent Vega was not in here already. he is cool personified!
by da trick biatch May 12, 2006
an asshair that gets pulled by underwear.
i think its time to wax, i just felt a twingle butt hair.
by da trick biatch November 26, 2005
a hairstyle popular in the late 80's early 90's. the bangs of the females hair are teased and hairsprayed inot a huge crest, like a cockatoo.the sides usually puff out until the female looks like a lion. commomly seen in the armpit of georgia, lindale and silver creek, where its popularity has not yet waned.
kim has a killer bitch flip.
by da trick biatch November 27, 2005
a pimp smack, laid down with both hands at the same time. point of contact is the ho's ears, and results in busted ear drums.
Josh laid the Miami pimp smack on that Shrek lookin' ho.
by da trick biatch November 26, 2005
trying to "fix up" a junky car.it cannot be done, give it up!
nathan, sell that cavi!you can't polish a turd!
by da trick biatch December 21, 2005
a bitch who poses like she's rich, but isnt.drives around in a 4-runner like its the bomb, and then the re-po men come and take it away, leaving her THE RE-PO HO!!!!!
sarah is a total re-po ho! now she has no ride!
by da trick biatch December 06, 2005
those unpleasant, sometimes painful spots sunglasses cause on either side of your nose. they ruin your makeup, and look crazy.
damn! my glasses got tweaked and gave me huge zizebots!
by da trick biatch December 22, 2005

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