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33 definitions by da origanal playa

light hearted term for protestants an offshoot of the roman catholic faith founded by martin luther. most usually recognised by gathering in large numbers drinking cheap piss scottish beer wearing rangers tops and displaying assorted terrorist reagalia and tattoos. More famous for picketing outside a girls kindergarden in belfast and throwing blast bombs at the children as they left for home.
prods have no right to be in Ireland, but if we cant burn the bastards out we'll breed them out.
by da origanal playa May 17, 2006
28 48
an irish expression, not scotish as scots may claim; they just mean idiot when thay say it fast. but in ireland it means simply that you are indeed an eejit, same as craic it cannot be translated. catpish?<----------irish italian for "you understand"
see that fella, sure fair enough hes a buck eejit
by da origanal playa June 03, 2006
35 57
slang for someone named campbell as in campbells soup. also term used for catholics in ireland who in 1845-50 changed religion after being offered soup by the protestants during the irish halocaust to save themselves from starving along with the rest of their irish neighbours. usually identifiable as an irish protestant with an irish surname.
soupie bastards sold out for a bowl of broth after jesus died for us on the cross
by da origanal playa May 17, 2006
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not irish at all,its a regiment of the british army made up mostly of protestants from the north of ireland and english/scots/welsh. they are offensive and nothing to do with ireland see irish rangers every st paddys day they march before their beloved fuckin queen of england with their regimental mascot a wolfhound and recieve shamrocks from their queen!.
irish guards bastards aint irish at all.
by da origanal playa June 04, 2006
36 63
gods own county, second biggest county in ireland and the furtest north. its windswept barren and can be cold but its beauty has to be seen to believed. priciple town is letterkenny. the shops and some of the accomadation is piss poor, but the bars the craic is 90 best guinness in the world and brilliant bar staff. the roads can be deadly though; from belfast you can be in donegal within an hour and a half just head up the M2 and your there.
lets get some smoke fill the car with booze and hit donegal well get fucked of our faces by the atlantic coast.
aye sound, maybe we can get some pussy too.
fuck that its donegal we dont need no pussy.
by da origanal playa June 04, 2006
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not irish, a regiment of the british army made up of protestants from the north of ireland. they are offensive to any right mined irish man and were disbanded and reformed along with the UDR to become the royal irish regiment which is even more offensive.they are not to be confused with the irish ranger wing which is a genuine irish army regiment.
the irish rangers are a light infantry regiment of the british army.
by da origanal playa June 04, 2006
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a voluntary first aid service
help,help i seem to have fallen over and twisted my knee. fear not young sir i am from st john ambulance, hold still whilst i apply this cold sponge to your general person. hey thats not my knee, thats my groin. young sir you are in a state of shock i am not a peado look i have a black uniform and a white armband you can trust me.
by da origanal playa June 03, 2006
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