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23 definitions by da hood'

The jews were made into household items for pure entertainment and laughs.
lampshade jew bastard!!!!
by da hood' July 27, 2006
30 70
Someone who is real. I gaurentee his existence.....

The only reason i now believe in god is because Jesus himself came to my house last night. He slapped me with his slippery, flopping cock while i was taking the trash out. He then molested me and said if i told anyone hed kill me! I agreed not to tell but he didnt believe me so he pulled out his rusty looking filet knife and tried to gut me with it! I took off and was shot several times. Thats the last i saw of him......
hes real! repent sinners for you may get a cock in the head if you do not!
by da hood' November 20, 2004
245 287
A holiday in which the skeletal remains of indians will rise from the ground and attack on thanksgiving in the year 2007. They will kill anything they see and whoever they kill will turn into one of them! military forces will be no match and their tanks will be overturned and they will be slain. The entire planet will be overrun by these skeletons and they will kill everyone until every single living person on the planet is one of them. Once every person is one of them they will roam the earth for billions of years until lifeforms form another planet touch down here. These life forms will be killed and their superiors will obliterate the planet earth for the sake of the rest of the universe.
watch out whos country you steal!
by da hood' December 07, 2004
35 86
He betrayed jesus because he was a fuck face and now hes swinging from a tree!
jesus got spiked because of this man and he hung himself so jesus wouldnt torture him to death.
by da hood' January 02, 2005
11 63
What my kitty does to me when i turn my back! mistress kat is a cruel swipist who slashes ribbons into my flesh!
shing........SWIPE! reowr!
by da hood' January 03, 2005
8 68
What fat, cocksucking ugly cunts call you after you turn them down because deep down theyre sad that theyre fat dirty scumbags who no one wants! Looks arent everything but im not going to touch some big greaseball.
"your like, so shallow because i smell like an anchovies twat!"- some stupid fatass.
by da hood' November 03, 2004
27 101
A holiday that is molested by the jewelry companies. Commercials will state " if you love her, youll buy her this expensive ring that you cant afford. Go on! Buy the girl you just met 5 days ago a nine thousand dollar ring!" And then rough, pruny looking housewives with too much makeup on remark to their husbands that "Christmas is just around the corner" assuming that their husbands are gonna do shit for them on christmas except for get fucked up and shout at their parents. 17 year old kids also ask their parents "What santa is going to bring them this year" in a greedy attempt to obtain an expensive car that if they had a JOB they could have.
christmas is a fuckin stupid holiday. and so ARE CHRSTIANS! FUCK ALL OF YA!
by da hood' November 13, 2004
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