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A weapon that a big, sweaty, bald white guy in jail uses to come up behind somebody, stick them many times, then walk away casually and hand the blade to some crackhead to hide it because, lets face it, crackheads may not be smart but they can damn sure hide things like an expert!
see my definition of im gonna cut him homes for a related definition.
by da hood' December 19, 2004
the rival gang of the KKK (ku klux klan.) they are less severe than the KKK,hence the name WWW (meaning White Whiny Wussies) they dont even go after blacks, instead they hate on chocolate milk. they also pirate rap songs off the internet so they can make Fiddy cent go broke by stealing his music. theyre headquarters is somewhere around washington DC.
the WWW chased the milkman carrying chocolate milk, and slapped him down.
by da hood' July 10, 2004
A horrifying racist message that can be heard very clearly by playing old records with the classic easter song "peter cottontail" backwards. Jesus, think of the children!
Lord save us from these demonic beasts.......
by da hood' October 10, 2004
The first thing you should go for in a fight! try taking a sharp object and when they lunge at you duck down and slash their achilles tendon wide open. You have won the fight and now have them 100% under your control.
that would really, really hurt but its an effective method.
by da hood' January 03, 2005
what happened to St Peter because he was acting like a shithead.
nail! AHHHHH! Nail! AHHHHH! Kathwap! AHHHH!
by da hood' January 16, 2005
this is the most fuckin racist game ive ever seen in my life!a game where you buy extremly low cost areas in the da hood and you can be a car with spinnin rims, a toaster toastin fried chicken,a battleship with all black people working on it, a hat that slaves wore, a cannon that hints to firing at blacks, and iron and thimble to show how hard slaves worked! in a special edition version of monopoly, you can be a SPADE! (spade also being a slang term for nigger.)you can also be a tea cup full of, not tea, but colt 45. how racist!
the monopoly guy looks like a plantation owner.
by da hood' July 22, 2004
what it sounded like when the guards broke jesus' nose and yanked it outward in a funny position and this is why jews have huge noses today!
crack! AHHHH! Crack! AHHHHH Crack! AHHHHHH! Crack! AHHHH!
by da hood' January 16, 2005

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