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when the mother, who you are not married to, of one or more of your children starts negatively interferring with your life, especially where other women are concerned; consists frequently of open public displays of anger and loud verbal assaults, hand gestures, head-shaking, etc.; The goal is to cause the father embarrassment either in front of his new lady friend, his close male friends, or his immediate family; it provides the baby mama a brief feeling of control in a situation where she typically has none as a struggling single mom.
"Man I was at the club hangin' with this fine thick sista that I'm seein' now, when that bitch popped up droppin' all kinda baby mama drama about needin' diaper money for my son and shit!"
by dHALL October 18, 2007
To be completely messed up or ruined; FUBAR-ed (fucked up beyond all recognition)
He really hosed up that project.
by dHALL October 18, 2007

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