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dog poo!
...dog log!
by danarky June 26, 2003
To shag an ugly, fat, twat of a lass coz your mate fancies her fit friend.
Mark: "Where are you going Dave?"
Dave: "See that ugly cunt over the way?"
Mark: "Yeah???"
Dave: "Well, Steve fancies her mate so I'm going to do a spot of charity work!"
by danarky June 05, 2003
a stuck up person, a person who thinks he/she is better than YOU!!!
You think your better than me? Stick it up your arse you toffee nosed twat!!!
by dAnarky April 17, 2003
Little pieces of poo that are neglected when wiping ones bum.
Mark- "Oi Dave, why are you walkin like that?"
Dave- "Sorry mate, i've got bum nuts!"
Mark- "Wipe yer bloody arse then!!!"
by Danarky May 14, 2003
one who is so jumped-up they will ne'er (never) come down, they shovel shite and they are no less than a twat.
Toff- "Oh, i see your driving a ford... I have a porsche!"
Dave- "Shut the fuck up, you jumped-up ne'er come-down shite-shovelin-twat"
by Danarky May 14, 2003

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