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3 definitions by d.blaze

A euhpamism for vagina.
"For real bro, she just pulls 'em off and her marmaduke was all shaved and shit. I tore it up."

"Come on girl.. Lemme see that dirty marmaduke.."
by d.blaze February 25, 2003
When engaging in intercourse in the missionary position, the male leans down and makes an angry face and screams in the female's face.
"Oh my god man, it was nuts. We were goin' at it serious, like face to face, ya know? And I let out the primal outburst right in her face!"
"Holy shit! What'd she do?!"
"It was nuts- She fuckin' starts crying and shit.."
by d.blaze February 25, 2003
When a guy is lying down with an erection which forms a 90 degree angle with his body. The tip of his penis is covered in semen, hence, a White Castle has been formed - def. by Dirty Ghee
"The worst happened last nite dude."
"Word? Whatup?"
"I'm layin' there all post-coital after beating it and my mom walks in while I'm still laying there all sweaty."
"Oh shit, that's wax."
"It gets worse- I dart my head up and realize I've got the white castle!"
"Oh my god! Wax like paraffin!"
"For real yo- shit was not hot"
by d.blaze April 03, 2003