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Used in retail, to describe a customer who insists on handling everything, but purchasing nothing. Most often they are white men. Middle aged to early seniors, married, heavyset, with thick glasses. Can easily be spotted, because they inspect the price tag, while holding it three inches from their face.
"Don't waste your time helping 'quality control', when there are serious buyers elsewhere in the shop."
by D. Gould January 12, 2006
When a straight guy finds a girl SO incredibly attractive, he would have sex with her, even if he first found out she was actually a transvestite.
"Amy Lee is not just hot.....She's dick-hot!
by D. Gould January 21, 2007
The going rate of any new inmate, upon his arrival to prision. His exact value being "one Twinkie". Often temporarily traded from one lifer to another, for sexual favours.
"Hey, man. I need to borrow your gimp for the night. Can I pay with a Twinkie trade?"
by D. Gould January 04, 2007
Someone with a genuine fetish, for all things sleazy. Whether it be hardcore porn, drugs, snuff, or anything else considered "left of center", and socially unacceptable. Can usually be found patronizing adult video/bookstores, leather bars, body rub parlours, bathhouses, strip joints, and seedy hotels.
"The all-night adult video shop, is a sleaze hound magnet."
by D. Gould December 20, 2006
A person who professionally shines boots, at a gay, leather bar. Usually only works weekends, and does so partially to satisfy his own, personal boot fetish.
"Where's the bootback? I got a scuff on my Wesco's!"
by D. Gould November 28, 2006
A motorcycle that has been lowered, with it's frame chopped and streched. Can be a cruiser, chopper, or even a sport bike. The end result being, a sick looking ride. But with a very uncomfortable riding position.
"Dude raked out his chopper so much, he can only ride it for 45 minutes at a time. Because after that his arms go numb, and his back begins to hurt."
by D. Gould March 01, 2006
Pre-designed cards left on top a bar, usually in a drink glass, for patrons. They are used to write down a person's name and phone number. Should they happen to hook-up with someone in a bar or club.
"You got that chick's phone number?"

"Ya. It's right here...Oh shit. I lost my trick card! FUCK!!!"
by D. Gould July 24, 2008

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