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RnB Singer. Usually sings about things related to the 'hood.
"You know I'm pushin' on the block, and I ain't got time to talk, baby what you want?"
by d-Mack April 30, 2004
(v.) To completely botch something you've been doing routinely for years.

(n.) Kicker for the New Orleans Saints. Also kicked for the San Diego Chargers.
(v.) I was shaving my face this morning and Carneyed it badly, now it's got a big ol' scar that will never go away.

(n.) San Diego is happy that they don't have John Carney on their team anymore.
by d-Mack May 01, 2004
1) a man who is not a rapper. just cuz he's black and not singing love songs, doesn't mean he's automatically a rapper (Nelly).
2) Founder of the following catch phrases:

and others
by d-Mack April 29, 2004
Some screen saver program from the old windows days.
Man I hated this screen saver for some reason. Probably cuz it's named after some dumb band.
by d-Mack April 30, 2004
poison distributed by coca-cola
don't drink sprite remix, that stuff is poison.
by d-Mack May 02, 2004
Nickname of the University of New Orleans. Yet the mascot is an alligator.
The University of New Orleans Privateers were one game away from being in the 2004 NCAA Basketball tournament.
by d-Mack April 30, 2004

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