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the act of two men making passionate love on a bed that has ninja turtle sheets on it.
at first chad didnt want to play dirty turtles, so i waited until he fell asleep, then i played dirty turtles all night long
by d mite November 02, 2007
A woman who is so aesthetically heinous that she resembles Freddy Kruger. She instills fear in those who are unfortunate enough to gaze upon her fugliness.
Jared-"Damn son! Did you see that wildebeast of a woman?"
Morpheus-"Yea, she was a Kruger Ho for sure"
by d mite November 02, 2007
Look At My Belly: A girl who attempts to emphasize both her boobs and her ass by walking with her waist out and back arched. Unfortunately, all this does is accentuate her overlarge stomach.
Bob: Yo man, is that girl pregnant?
Keith: No, she's just a LAMB
by d mite November 02, 2007
Fuck Mad Bitches No Rubbers, meaning hell yes to those who fuck mad bitches without using rubbers.
Eric-"You wanna go get wid some fuckin skanks?"
by d mite November 02, 2007
A downstairs mixup. . .
I thought something was up when I saw his seaweed hair and pink tutu. Then he started talking about his mangina, and things went downhill fast.
by d mite November 02, 2007

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