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a straight slutty girl, who tells all her friends she's a lesbian, makes a few porno's, and emails them to all the guys she can think of so she can get cock
Tim: Dude, Trina sent me one of her lesbo videos!!!
Jeff: Sweet, man! Ya gonna fuck her?
Tim: Nah, she's a fake lesbian
#fake #lesbian #lesbo #slut #straight
by d*a*v*i*d December 06, 2008
A cruel joke God played on all our asses. A human translation of Wario
Luke: Dude, did you here about what that s.o.b. Saddam Hussein did?
Sam: Ya he's a real cunt
#saddam #hussein #shithead #dictator #iraq
by d*a*v*i*d December 06, 2008
sex, although the 2 or ore partners think it would be stimulating to use bondage, whips, and other sick, painful sex toys
George: How'd your date with Shana go?
Daniel: Fuckin' horrible. It was great until she tried to get me to have emo sex with her. What a twat.
#emo #sex #scary #bondage #whips
by d*a*v*i*d December 06, 2008
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