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A retarded person. It sounds close to the word "retarded," and is just obscure enough to allow the user to get away with calling someone out in public minus the shame of being un-PC.
"That GW Bush is a frittata."
by d'rof71 March 04, 2008
A not well-endowed gentleman.
Woman #1: I heard you had sex with Tom last night? How's his "business?"
Woman #2: Not a lot going on down there.
Woman #1: Oh. He's a small business owner.
by d'rof71 March 04, 2008
The act of throwing water over the stall wall onto someone taking a dump in a public restroom.
"Why is Scott all drenched?"
"He was craptized earlier while throwing down brown."
"I love a good craptism."
by d'rof71 June 25, 2007
1. A delicious variety of soft drinks, e.g. Cream Soda and Cel-Ray.
2. A euphemism for bowel movement.
I had Mexican food for lunch, so I'll probably have to make an appointment with Dr. Brown before dinner.
by d'rof71 March 10, 2008
The red marks left on your forearms after leaning forward while taking a dump. The longer the squat, the more defined the battle scars.
"I took a forty minute crap earlier. Serious battle scars."
by d'rof71 June 25, 2007
A woman with large breasts.
Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Emerson who?
Emerson nice titties!
by d'rof71 July 05, 2006

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