16 definitions by d money

Girl who is always sucking dick.
That bitch is a derb-aholic. Tell her to come to the party.
by D money June 29, 2004
Original O.G.
You know frankie, the o.o.g. he's like 60 man!
by D Money August 19, 2003
A girls badonkadonk, or big sexxy ass.
Hey look at that, saddle up and ride.
by d money March 24, 2004
Was gizzed on in their eye after givin head
Yo man how'd things go with that fine bich Brenda?

Man by the end of the night you could call her G-eye blow!
by D Money April 01, 2003
Fucked up cuz u soo drunk
Damn u lookin shit-faced b
by D Money April 01, 2003
whip; car
I'm in the Benz on Monday, the BM on Tuesday
Range on Wednesday, Thursday I'm in the hooptay
by D Money November 22, 2003
spendin money, buyin out the shoppin mall or store
Jay Z was poppin tagz
by d money August 01, 2003
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