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Derogatory word for a Vice Lord, Latin Count, 4 Corner Hustler, Black P Stone or possibly other finball gang members that wear black and red.
That nigga was a Blood!!! Naw fool, that nigga was a hook, this is Chicago fuck Crips and Bloods ain't none of that bullshit here!!!!!!!
by D FolKKz April 24, 2008
South side Chicago area straight hood straight ghetto. It is infested with drugs, guns, hoes, GDs, BDs, Stones and all kinds of niggas. It is generally considered WILD 100's when you hit 100th St east of the Dan Ryan E-way. Anywhere in the 100 streets east of the E-way.
Is 107th and Hoxie in the Wild 100s???
by D FolKKz April 24, 2008
The Maniac Latin Disciples, the largest Spanish folks gang. These niggas are straight crazy and used to be deep in Humboldt Park, Logan Square, Bucktown, Waukegan, Elgin, Rockford, Aurora and other states besides IL. They roll with the 6 point star the folk nation. They are the leader of the Maniac folks, which includes them, Maniac Campbell Boys, Young Latin Organization Disciples and used to have Milwaukee Kings and i think Jivers. We even had an episode on The History Channel's Gangland, check that shit out. It's called Maniacal.
Maniac Latin Disciples til the world blow up like Palestinian public transportation, you feel me. I represent Beach St. and Paulina folkks nigga. RIP Meathead -D- and my nigga Nickkelbags -D- locked up in Stateville. MLD, Disciple love, folks por vida Stone King Killa Raza Killa Jiver Killa Cobra Killa Lord killa 4chk milwaukee king killa eagle killa gent killa imperial gangster killa royal killa stone killa viking killa bishop killa count killa soul killa pachuco killa unknown killa two six killa
by D FolKKz April 24, 2008
Chicago slang for either $50 or a gang member under the 5 pointed star, the People Nation.
When I was in Cook County jail, I rolled folkks so we busted them finballs up.

Hey man, you think you could let me hold a finball til I get my check???
by D FolKKz April 24, 2008
Chicago ghetto slang for fat, chunky crack rocks. Mostly used by Bucktown niggas.
Hey jo, I got twinkie($20)hubs right now right now!!!!!
by D FolKKz April 24, 2008
word in Mexican dialect Spanish meaning "dick addict."
Listen to how that guy's talking!!! Yeah man, simòn, este guey es un pinche vergadicto.
by D FolKKz April 26, 2008
Chicago slang word meaning $20 or $20 worth of dope.
Yo folkks you got a twinkie of dro you could slang me???
by D FolKKz April 24, 2008
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