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Conservative party member and Canadian Environment Minister Peter Kent. Like most members of the Canadian conservative party, Peter Kent is shamelessly partisan in all he does and says. He slavishly follows party talking points and directives, and is willing to destroy his country's reputation and democratic principles in order to increase the power of his party.

So really, while Peter Kent certainly is a piece of shit, he isn't really any bigger of a piece of shit than Stephen Harper or anybody else in the conservative cabinet.
Peter Kent: "I'm going to ban attendance at a major environmental conference for anyone who's not a member of the conservative party, and then I'm going to openly mock my parliamentary opponents for the fact they didn't attend the conference."

Justin Trudeau: "You piece of shit."
by cynicalidealist December 14, 2011
A shapeless blob of human flesh that is just utterly, totally filled with fail. In fact, a failblob is so filled with fail, the person in question fails to realize they are failure personified. They think they are full of charm, full of good ideas, and full of win. But they're not. They are full of lard, full of shit, and full of fail.
Rob Ford is the ultimate failblob.
by cynicalidealist April 08, 2014

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