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A hidden country club off the aviation parkway conviniantly placed so that its students have no where to go while skipping classes or lunch hour. Not that anyone actually tries to skip classes because of acedemically driven pressure. The typical Colonel By student wears Aeropostale but mostly American Eagle up until the end of their freshman year when they realize that its not actually cool. The male population will continue to dress axactly the same even after this revelation until the end of highschool, but the female population will make the dramatic switch over to American Appareal.

Prom at Colonel By S.S. is a big deal for most acedemic students because after highschool most of them will become a real wife of Atlanta or in other cases an olympic rower, wrestler or rugby athlete. However for those in the IB program plan to spend the next nine years of their lives persuing post-secondary education so they will attend prom dispite their inability to feel comfortable in dressing robes.

People attending Colonel By S.S. don't really care what people think of them. They'll do dip more than any other istitution. And they'll brag about it too.
At a party*

Sally: so what school do you go to?

Fred: ST MATTS!! What about you?

Sally: I got to Colonel By S.S.

Fred: Oh, thats cool.

*conversation ends, sally remoulds with clique*
by cynical-sally August 25, 2010
Cutting off anybody on the hill either keeping somebody from performing a trick in the park or going off a jump. Usually occus after a couple of beers have been consumed. Snaking is usually followed by high fives from other on-looking friends.
Just snaked ya bro!!!
by cynical-sally January 11, 2011
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