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nonsense or go nowhere conversation, specifically conversations where all parties are loaded.
"I was drunk at a club last night talking codshit to a guy from the UK"
by Cyn December 01, 2004

A sexual climax induced by citrus fruits, especially oranges.
And in the high point of fucking an orange, a male usually experiences a paifjpaetji, resulting in the instant ejaculation of seminal fluids.
by Cyn November 09, 2003
to have casual sex
"I invited my friend over to watch movies and trade junk."
by cyn January 26, 2003
Using a playground as a metaphor for the sexual arena, this syndrome afflicts females that have become socially invisible to men in certain circles because they have been taken for a "ride" by all.
"See that chick?"
"I saw that chick - been there, done that."
"Me too"
by Cyn March 18, 2004
The catch-22 of Fear-fucking and Sexual Bulimia.
Sexual behaviour that insults the term "Slut."
Ashley has had five abortions in one year. She is not a booty-call, she has descended into the park of the Merry-Go-Pound which makes her as exclusive as a public restroom, this has led to the see-saw syndrome.
by Cyn March 18, 2004
A person, usually female, who uses sex as a means to justify their existence. The result being a temporary alleviation of the fear of invisibility.
Sexual bulimia
"It's not that Jenny is a slut, per se, she's a FEARFUCKER. She thinks that getting reamed by any stranger qualifies her as a 'Hottie'"
by Cyn March 18, 2004
Not marriage material
Persons who have been riding the Merry-go-pound for too long and have developed the See-saw-syndrome.
by Cyn March 18, 2004
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