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A wooden construction you set your canvas on, before painting.

I had a lucid dream last night, it was quite abstract; I was dreaming the only hell that exists is here on Earth and one of its escape route was thru my room. Then, near the radiator, I've noticed an odd guardian of it, he looked like the easel transformed into some kind of stained tree-robot, and as we've spoken, his slats had started to bleed with a weird liquid light. Then I've slowly begun to turning aware that each of his numerous sticky chakras have been moulded from a various types of artistic paint. I woke up before the very end, but there was nothing except my old easle standing quietly in the corner, in the pile of empty cigarettes packs. So it was never just about colors I smiled to myself. Had a first smoke, readied my brushes...
by cykcykcykcykbum February 13, 2008
A crop circle, or a crop formation.
- But is there any technical name for a crop formation?
- Yeah. Now keep your bloody voice down.

- So, you think how many did they drink, before making this agroglyph, mate?
- Well, nothing I guess. I don't think you really supposed to drink and fly.
by cykcykcykcykbum August 02, 2008

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