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A girl who has everything going for her. She's unique and funny. You'll never find another like her. To spot a ZLori, just look for her defining trademark... a candy watch. .)
"Check out that Candy Watch!"
"There goes ZLori!"
by cyclopz January 18, 2010
A woman constantly on the go. She is hard working and will never run out of energy. She is a loyal friend and is always there when you need a bowl of soup. An all around entertaining person to be around.
"Is this a bowl of soup you brought me?"
"Yeah, I heard you were sick and so I decided to be a Denise DiNorscia."
by cyclopz April 12, 2010
A simple way to make the world a better place. Starting with beating the cliche of gloomy mondays... you know, going back to work, school, whatever. To do this, its as simple as wearing a yellow piece of clothing, to make mondays brighter.
Boy: why is everyone wearing yellow today?
Girl: uhmm hello!! today is Ultimate Yellow Monday
by cyclopz April 13, 2010

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